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Lower DTI

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Lower DTI

If I pay off a credit card after applying for a mortgage, can they see that? Or do I have to wait for the company to report it to a bureau on the normal statement date? If I show that I paid it off but it's not reported yet,, can they remove it from my DTI?

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Re: Lower DTI

I'm not 100% sure but I think that's why a lot of the time people do a rapid rescore Smiley Wink I'm sure there is a way to show proof, hopefully someone will chime in 

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Re: Lower DTI

The really don't pay attention to the balance more along the lines of min payments for DTI...It would certainly help your UTIL though!!!

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Re: Lower DTI

In my experience, you should wait until it updates in the bureaus... Mortgage companies don't really like to do RR, because it costs money...  You may call your credit card company and ask if they are willing to do an off cycle update...


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