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Manufactured Home Cash Out on Leased Lot

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Manufactured Home Cash Out on Leased Lot

Looking to get 55k loan on my manufactured home located on a leased lot in Florida to pay off auto loans.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Manufactured Home Cash Out on Leased Lot

Is the manufactured home in a park with month to month lease, or is it on a land lease contract for a long period of time?  Either way, manufactured housing financing has really fallen off a cliff in the past few months, used to be most lenders offered it and now it's far & few between.  If if it's in a park, then it's really just the home itself that is owned and the mortgages for those are called "chattel" loans and often have interest rates higher than automobile loan interest rates (if your score is excellent, which yours appears to be)... if it's on land where you have a 30 year land lease on then lenders will consider it as real property and normal mortgage options are available.
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