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May/June 2020 Closers

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Re: May/June 2020 Closers

@HomeboundV231 wrote:

@HomeboundV231 wrote:

Hello everyone,

I'm super new to this site and loving all the knowledge, insight, and feedback I've gained so far. I am wishing everyone good luck and prosperity on their journey to becoming a homeowner. Me and my hub would be first-time home-owners so here we go:

-Purchase price: $265k

-% Down: 5%
Product: Wells 30-Year Conventional
-Mid score: me-707,Hub-760s
-Rate:3.375 with no discount points

-Estimated Close Date per contract: 6/29/2020

Possible issues: Waiting for House title to come back & finalized approval from UW (we've already received commitment letter & completed conditions & doc requests for gift funds). On top of that, sellers seem to want constant updates from out LO or LP:-/.


I am super nervous as we technically only have 10 business days left before our contract closing date & I am trying to stay optimistic. I know many people have shown great patience after finding out their closing has been pushed back. It truly motivates me to read everyone's stories and see how much transparency there is. I am wishing us all the best! I will come back with updates<3

A quick update.... Just got Clear to Close this morning as I was doing our final walk through for the home. I was getting so stressed to the point that I can feel knots in my stomach :-/.I am waiting to receive our Closing Disclosure. Loan processor said it will be sent today via email. We were told to contact utilities to schedule them to be transfered into our name in the new home by closing. Question is, I am not sure if closing will still be Monday 6/29 since we didnt receive CD yesterday (complying with 3-day rule). My realtor says it would still be okay but I guess the worst case scenario is that its delayed for a day or two. Praying all i's are dotted and t's are crossed until we get the keys in hand & funding is completed. Good luck to everyone on your home journey and congrats to everyone who has already moved into their new homes!

Received closing disclosures!! Closing costs were a couple grand less than the estimate so that was a pleasant surpriseSmiley Happy Closing scheduled for 6/30/2020 (Originally on 6/29/2020). 

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Re: May/June 2020 Closers

TODAY IS THE DAY!!! I am so glad this journey is finally coming to an end!  We close today and the final closing costs came in about $600 cheaper the the initial LE.  Congrats to everyone that has closed already.  I just need to get home off of deployment so I can enjoy this house with my wife and soon to be 3 daughters when our baby is born in August!

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Re: May/June 2020 Closers

Closed today & so thankful I am able to exhale. Before closing, I met my realtor at the house for a final Final walk through & received our keys on the spot! I was so surprised. The seller was even gracious enough to leave a congrats card. Closing went extremely smooth, as we were notified that the loan was funded prior to signing docs! It took us about 1 hour to sign docs & we were done. I am thankful for our realtor & for Wells Fargo pulling through to get stuff done (a few early bumps). I am extremely grateful for all I've learned from all of you who share your journies. Good luck to everyone else with upcoming closings 👍

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