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Mortgage Loan; Preapproval/Feasibility/Suggestions

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Mortgage Loan; Preapproval/Feasibility/Suggestions

Hello all,


First off, I want to thank the regular contributers of this forum for the wealth of information they've provided. I have learned quite a bit perusing previous posts. You all provide a huge service to us novices. 


I'll go ahead and get the major irregularity out of the way: I'm currently a college undergraduate, nearing a December graduation date. I will not seek pre-qualification until I've accepted an offer of employment, but that may be imminent (within the next 2 weeks). If I qualify for a mortgage, I would like to close on a house sometime in early 2013. That being said, here's the relevant info as directed by "Info needed" sticky:


1. Credit: The middle score was Equifax, 675.

     Negatives: I have 2 medical collections totaling $200. I actuatlly wasn't aware of this until I checked my credit scores. Based on information I've gathered from these forums, I should be able to have these removed with a positive impact on my credit through "paying in full" and good will letter-writing. I would appreciate comfirmation of this, if anyone has a good grasp of the process.

2. Income: I currently have 3 hard offers of employment, all from companies in areas of the state with which I'm very familiar. The offers are in the range $60-68k. One of the offers is from a company that I've worked with while in college, for the last 3 years. All offers are in my field of study.

3. Source of income: Employment

4. Monthly debt payments: None, and no student loans.

5. Employment: See "Income" above. All offers are for full time. I'm currently part time in my field of study.

6. Assets/Reserves: Approx. $13,000. This does not include my emergency fund, which amounts to roughly 4 months' expenses.

7. Location: Upstate South Carolina.

8. Property: I would be looking at a single family home in "ready to move in" condition.

9. Value: The range of home value I'm comfortable with is between 50-75k. This range is based on list prices gathered from online listings. Based on rudimentary mortgage calculators, I realize that if I waited a year or so into employment, I might qualify for a higher range. But I suspect my needs will change in the next decade, and given my circumstances, I don't feel that I need anything beyond the specified range. Since I expect to remain in the same area, I would rather build equity than pay rent. 

10. Occupancy: Primary residence.

11. Transaction type: Purchase.


If I qualify, I'm interested in a 15 year fixed rate with no prepayment penalty. I would also like to deal with local lenders, but I'm concerned they will be reluctant to discuss pre-qualification with me given my circumstances. Any information, help, or instruction you could supply would be greatly appreciated. I thank you all in advance for any responses, and you have my gratitude for reading my post.


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Re: Mortgage Loan; Preapproval/Feasibility/Suggestions

At this point it doesn't hurt to talk to lenders about doing an FHA loan... ask them specifically how your employment history will be viewed before you let them pull credit. Did you file taxes or did your parent claim you on theirs. If your parents claimed you; you may need a copy of their returns. If they did not claim you; then you'll need your returns. Your cash on hand will help overcome many obstacles. The fact that you are not switching industries is a positive thing. If you wait tip February; you'll have a more solid income reporting on your taxes. Do you have 3 tradelines reporting on your credit report?

What was your w2 income in 2011? What was your w2 income in 2010?

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Re: Mortgage Loan; Preapproval/Feasibility/Suggestions

What is your field, if I may ask, that you are being offered that kind of salary, in a market with homes for 60k-ish?

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Re: Mortgage Loan; Preapproval/Feasibility/Suggestions

I appreciate the response. I've filed taxes the last 3 years. If it makes the most sense for me to wait until February, or I don't have any choice in the matter, I will. I have 2 tradelines reporting...I suppose 3 would be optimal? My W2 Income in 2010: 30300; 2011: 18650. I worked less full time in 2011, leading to the discrepancy. 

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Re: Mortgage Loan; Preapproval/Feasibility/Suggestions

I'm in one of the higher paying engineering disciplines, and I have a fair amount of experience, relative to my peers.

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Re: Mortgage Loan; Preapproval/Feasibility/Suggestions

Hello! Congrats on your upcoming graduation and welcome to the forums! Google HIPPA process for the medical debt. We live in the same region of SC. PM me if you need any references for LO or a realtor. Based off my hundreds of hours reading on this and other forums, plus working briefly in the mortgage industry, I can give you this advice: 3 tradelines at least one year old, 3 months reserves (PITI), score 640+, low DTI, stable job (time in position 3+ years... I'm sure your employment in your field would count), and potential to earn additional income will all be strong factors in your approval. I think you have all of these except the tradelines, which you may be able to use non traditional tradelines anyway. Good luck!!
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Re: Mortgage Loan; Preapproval/Feasibility/Suggestions

Thank you all for the help. The HIPPA referral in particular, has been very helpful.

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