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Mortgage and utilization question

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Mortgage and utilization question

We have applied for a mortgage. We are going with USDA loan and needed mid score of 640. DH had a 644 and I had a 639. Woke to an alert on equifax score watch on Christmas that I got three points and a one point increase today which puts me over the mid score. This past week logged onto capital one to make sure payment posted on my $300 credit card to find out I had a $3000 CLI! I only have the one card and now the balance is $54. I am authorized user on my husbands other cards which are at a higher utilization. Right now overall I am at 18% utilization. We are continuing to pay down UTI on his cards. Should I let mine go to zero or keep it between 1-9%? Our scores are so close so I don't want to lose any points.

Lender pulls February 9, 2015.
Preapproved for $210,000 USDA guaranteed for new build in Texas
Waiting on approval from USDA
TU 679 (middle) - My FICO TU 657
EQ 657 - My FICO EQ- 693
EX 709 - My FICO EX - 675
DH: Transunion 702
Equifax 669
Experian 673 (middle)

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Re: Mortgage and utilization question

if you have the points....  save the cash.  i would rather see cash on an application than a paid down card


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