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Mortgage loan with co-borrower

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Mortgage loan with co-borrower

Hi, I am interested in applying for a mortgage ASAP! But is it possible I can qualify for a conventional loan if my co-borrower has a bankruptcy that’s only 3 years old?
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Re: Mortgage loan with co-borrower

No, the unless the BK was a Chapter 13, then the waiting period is 2 years after Discharge. Here are the waiting periods after a Bankruptcy:


1.) NonQM - 1 day

2.) FHA and VA - 2 years

3.) USDA Rural Development Loan - 3 years

4.) Conventional - 4  years


* All Agency programs have an waiting period if you had an extenuating circumstance i.e.  major injury, illness, or death in the immediate family.


In summary  without waiting any longer it would appear that an FHA 203b would be your best option. The co-borrower is not required to occupy the residence. You may still qualify for a DPA as there are some programs that don't have income limits.  Hope this helps!


Best wishes to you.

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