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Mortgage statements

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Mortgage statements

I am currently under contract and set to close on Feb 17. I was asked to provide the latest mortgage statement from a property I have owned since 2012. I provided the statement and then was told 2 days later that she can not use it because it shows I am a month behind which is not true. My payments are on autopay for the 15th of the month, statements come out on the 12th, so it looks like I did not make the payment. This is from the processor not the underwriter. I asked for a verification of mortgage and payment history to be sent from the mortgage ocompany. Is there anything else I could possible do to get this done. I also have a deferral that shows up from years ago.  It can not be paid until the loan is paid off, which I am thinking about doing since I only owe 24000 on it. Will this sink the deal. I have not been 30 days late.

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Re: Mortgage statements

It is very common for the mortgage statement to show up like that. Your loan officer/processor should know better. They order the VOM at it verifies you're on time. And then they should know to order a credit supplement will will further verify everything to suffice for underwriting. My suggestion is that you write a letter of explanation explaining what you explained above, hand sign and date it. 


When it comes to the deferral, you might want to speak directly to your loan officer in detail about it to see what information is needed for underwriting. 

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