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Movement mortgage

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Movement mortgage

Did a quick pre-approval thru Movement Mortgage as recommended by an agent we are working with. We were pre-approved at 3.375 conventional. Has anyone closed with them before and if so any pros or cons? Obviously we just needed a pre-approval and will be comparing with other mortgage companies and wanted to get a real perspective of them from previous or current customers.


 Our previous mortgage ended up being Mr.Cooper right before we sold so we didn't get to experience them much more than a few months. 

Thanks y'all!

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Re: Movement mortgage

I have friends who used Movement before. No complaints from them. My advice is to shop around and see who gives you the best rates. Better Mortgage is great! They gave us an excellent rate, the website is simple and user friendly. I love being able to login and get an update on tasks, next steps, etc.  You can either schedule an appt to speak with your loan officer, call or text them. Usually responses are timely and they are helpful. (They are on the west coast which I appreciate, their EOD is 9pm for me, I usually send a quick text to verify if anything is needed)  I am not going to say there were no hiccups but the process has not be as stressful as I expected. Another thing, don't settle for the rate/points they offer. Make sure and negotiate, tell them where you want to be, make sure they give you credits.

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