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My home buying journey

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Re: My home buying journey

Ok so there were two possible issues during the inspection.  The HVAC system and part of the roof.  So we needed to sign an addendum to increase the inspection period (apparently getting a roof inspector out durning monsoon season is quite hard).  the HVAC inspection was monday and everything was fine.  Friday the roof inspector comes out.  My file went to the underwriter yesterday so as long as the roof checks out we should be good!

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Re: My home buying journey

Ok so last night I heard from my mortgage broker.  The file came back from underwriting and they needed two things.  First was a signed letter as to why my income was higher in 2010 than 2011 (due to the economy everyone in our office took a pay reduction which will not be permant) and a copy of the banks approval of the short sale.  So I sent back what I had on the short sale approval.  I find this funny since both the seller and myself are using Chase, finally my loan officer said they could call the department and get a copy.  


So now I am just waiting for the roof inspection which is this morning.   I hate waiting!

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Re: My home buying journey

Ok frustration has set in. The roof came back fine.  I get an email from the mortgage processor saying they still need the banks approval letter and a copy of the insurance policy.  So I let my agent know that the paper he sent me was wrong and they need the paper from the bank or at the very least the seller's contact at Chase.  I then get a call from the processor saying everything is on hold until they get the letter and if they do not receive it with enough time this week to process I will not be able to close by the 2nd.


I asked him if I can sign the papaers at a Chase branch and he made it seem like a big deal when on Friday my loan officer said it wasn't a problem.


I just want to close on the house.  All my paperwork has been in and it is so frustrating waiting on somone else.

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