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My mortgage process with Quicken (edited)

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Re: My mortgage process with Quicken (edited)

I'm through underwriting and cleared to close. Now it's just a 2 week waiting game! Smiley Happy

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Re: My mortgage process with Quicken (edited)

Congrats!  Now time slows to a crawl until closing...

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Re: My mortgage process with Quicken (edited)

^ what starting over said. The wait is the worst. I always had a ping in my head telling me "something is going to go wrong". Luckily we were able to move out close up by 2 weeks. Don't listen to the ping, it doesn't know a thing LOL.
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Re: My mortgage process with Quicken (edited)

When my husband was looking for a mortgage last year he ended up with a LO who didn't know **bleep** she was doing.  She continued to include ALL of his student loan debt even though it was in deferrment (hubby goes full-time and expected graduation date was 2020), I tried to explain to her what dti was and how its calculated and pretty much it was a disaster.  Won't be going through them even though when I got my mortgage I didn't have any issues.


We "tried" to go local, but they ADDED my HOUSE DEBT to my husbands application.  Even though in the State of Michigan, I personally owed my home, the mortgage was in my name only, he was not on any deed or certificate...if he walked away out of our marriage he didn't have the house debt -- I did.  They refused to budge, but then were jerks when my husband told them they needed to add my income if they were going to add MY house.  It was a joke.  Apparently they can "do as they please" per the guidelines except what they were doing was illegal since it was strictly my debt.  Won't be going back there.

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Re: My mortgage process with Quicken (edited)

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Re: My mortgage process with Quicken (edited)

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