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NACA Home Buying Program


NACA Home Buying Program

We heard about theses NACA First-Time Home Buyer programs and are very interested and curious.


We were just wodering how fast does the NACA Home Buying program works after attending their workshop ?


Also what banks do they work with, their underwriting requirements, income to debt ratio and what loan do they 

work with,  FHA, Fannie Mea, etc, etc ?


How much do they want to see up front in terms of savings before

they proceed with you ?


Last but not the last question:


Can you apply the Federal First-Time Home Buyer Credit of $8k when buying through NACA ?

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Re: NACA Home Buying Program

You should visit:



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Re: NACA Home Buying Program

If you want all your questions answered and then some read the official NACA mortgage thread but to answer your questions:


1. How fast it works really depends on you. It could take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 years depending on your situation.

2. They work with Citi bank and Bank of America depending on what part of the country you live in.Debt to income is 41% but in my case they got an exception to 43% which I'm told is very unusual. They don't work with FHA or the others, totally separate.

3. In regards to savings they have what is called payment shock which is the difference between what payment you qualify for and what your current rent is.You also must have funds in the bank for fees such as home inspection, home insurance ect but you pay no closing cost. The biggie is that any funds you get the seller to contribute or you decide to put down yourself can be used to permanately buy down your interest rate. In my case I used the funds from my seller to buy my rate down to 2% which allowed me to buy more home than I qualified for because it lowered my payment.

4. And yes you can apply for the 1st time home tax credit but only after you close and you must have a contract on a home by April 30, 2010.


PS. Visit the NACA website at I think you'll find that all your questions will be answered there as well.




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Re: NACA Home Buying Program

Thanks for the speedy reply but to be specific how long does it take to get approved once you have everything together ?

 I mean if you have everything together it shouldnt take more than 2 months to begin looking at houses, right ? 


I read online somewhere that people have been trying to get approve for more than 2, 3, 6 or even 12 months. Is this true ?

I mean we would like to get the Fed Tax Credit of $8k and you have to be in escrow by April 30, 2010 to be eligible.

I also hear that most of the time its nearly impossible to speak to anyone from NACA as they dont hardly return phone

calls, emails, etc, etc, are these true ?

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Re: NACA Home Buying Program

Hey Happy Camper,


The Official NACA Mortgage Thread will have all your answers (and answers to questions you haven't thought of yet).  But to answer you here:


1.  I was approved immediately.  I had been saving money monthly already and have never been late on any payments for anything  -- I have pretty good credit.  I have cousins who filed bankruptsy, and they have to wait for 2 years.  It just depends on if you have your ducks in a row.


2.  Yes, the NACA office is a mad-house.  They have too much work and not enough people.  I hardly ever get responses and sometimes have to wait for weeks for an answer (after leaving multiple voicemails and emails).  However, I am about 1 week from closing -- my interest rate will be 3.75% and I will pay NO downpayment and NO closing costs.  For me, it will all be worth it.  A couple of months of stress = tens of thousands in savings.


I would suggest going to the 4 hour mandatory meeting, and then setting up an appointment with your counselor.  They will be able to tell you if you can be approved right away or not.  Be sure that you're saving a little money every month NOW so that you are better prepared when the time comes.

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Re: NACA Home Buying Program

Hi I'm Truth


I to am a NACA recipient but not a good experience.  I was told via my counselors that yes a NACA homebuyer would receive the governement 8K tax credit refund and even told I would qualify myself and receive it by being contracted no later than April 30th.  Well that was back in September of 09 and the CHicago office have changed me through 4 counselors, quitting, being fired, lazy and greedy.  I was told via management that my file was placed on back burner because counselors got paid more money to do homesaves. 


I beleive NACA has the potential to be not just a good opportunity for those that otherwise would be unable to purchase, but a pleasant one while in the process.  I to have been victim of no responses to emails, phone calls and just all out lies at times, and currently still waiting some answers.  My file has not even gone to underwriters and it's been over 6 months.


So yes I'm greatful for the program, but hate how they have disrepected me as a person that desire the dream of owning a home in their process.  There is absolutely no reason why a state as large as Illinois or City as large as Chicago should have one office to cover it and surrounding suburbs.



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Re: NACA Home Buying Program


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