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NEW -Early CAIVRS Removal.

Re: NEW -Early CAIVRS Removal.

Update!!!!! My caivrs was removed and I am approved for underwriting yahhh!!!! I'll know my new closing date monday, this forum is amazing if it wasnt for this site I probably would have not be celebrating right now, caivrssucks that's just aweful I hope things get worked out, I will be following this forum to see getfitwithkba and earnersamanda outcome, you are your own advocate just keep doing whatever you have to do to get them to remove you, thanks everyone Smiley Happy
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Re: NEW -Early CAIVRS Removal.

That's awesome!! So glad it worked out for you!!
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Re: NEW -Early CAIVRS Removal.

That's awesome. Congratulations. My loan officer said that if the lender doesn't move forward in a few she is going to switch to another FHA product. The new underwriter won't know anything about the previous CAIVRS hit so everything will be fine. It will just push my closing date back a little.
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Re: NEW -Early CAIVRS Removal.

Oh well that's awesome caivrssucks, im glad you have a back up plan, thanks warneramanda.
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Re: NEW -Early CAIVRS Removal.

And we are CLEAR!! i received a few emails this afternoon. HOORAY!!! Hopefully, it will show clear when the lender tries running it again this afternoon. We should still be on track for our closing on June 29!!  

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Re: NEW -Early CAIVRS Removal.

I am so glad you are both clear!! I received another call from the same lady at HUD today, I swear she sounds high or drunk one. Absolutely no help to me at all. She said the same thing. That it was pointless to file a waiver because of my clear date. I got an email from the liaison at my congressmans office and it said this.

I just received the following response from our liaison:

“I have sent this inquiry to the Atlanta Homeownership Center, which handles all FHA-related business. This could take a little longer than usual, but you can expect a response within the 15 business day statutory time frame, hopefully sooner.”

I stressed to him the importance of getting this response as quickly as possible. He is going to try to work with them to make this happen. Please let me know if you receive any additional correspondence from them.

Thank you,
Alyshia Powell

I messaged her back with the urgency and about not waiting 15 days and she said she would reach out again Monday to HQ.. I told her that I read that lots of congressmans offices have been able to get this done. HOPEFULLY that will put some fire under their tails!!!
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Re: NEW -Early CAIVRS Removal.

Yahhhhh Thats awesome wandersamanda, getfitwithkba she needs to call them not email, talk directly to them to get things taken care of, I hope things work out sooner then later, keep us updated.
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Re: NEW -Early CAIVRS Removal.

I had very little trouble with my CAIVRS suppression request.

My CAIVRS claim was scheduled to expire in September 2016. I believed I was eligible for early suppression in March 2016 due to lender delay.

I contacted NOVAD to request suppression. The response I received indicated that NOVAD was no longer handling those requests. It further advised me to contact the FHA resource center.

I contacted the the FHA resource center and the gentleman that I spoke to advised me to submit my request (along with a CAIVRS Information Request authorization form) directly to the Denver Homeownership HUD center.

I filled out the authorization, had it notarized and attached brief summary of the events as well as a screenshot of the date of sheriff sale (easily obtained from county assessor website). I emailed it directly to Denver on 5/10/16.

The same day (several hours later), I received the following message:

We have received the required documentation regarding your CAIVRS suppression request and the request is in process. You will be notified when a determination is made; due to the volume of requests received, processing may take over 4 weeks. If you have not received notification within 4 weeks, please contact us at 1-800-CALL-FHA for a status report.

This afternoon, 5/17/16, I received the following:

In accordance with your request, we have reviewed your CAIVRS status related to a claim paid on case # xxx-xxxxxxx. The claim status has been suppressed and should now be clear.
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Re: NEW -Early CAIVRS Removal.

That's great silverbullet mines took two days to get cleared, but it wasnt over it was still showing on the fha connection site and my loan couldn't go to underwriting, so just make sure your not still on the site they say it can take up to 30days, I had to go to my congressman to get it off I should be closing next week.
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Re: NEW -Early CAIVRS Removal.

I am starting to loose hope with my early CAIVRS removal AND my congressmans office. All they are doing is copying and pasting things from the website and saying there is no "congressional statute" on getting a early CAIVRS removal and that they have "stressed the importance of this request". I fired back at them and said I did not think anyone has even called FHA HQ and other states have had success within 2-3 days, but I guess not with the state of KY or the Atlanta HUD office. I sure wish I could go through Denver. It seems like there is a great deal of success there. Now, they are saying that after my "elligible date" it could take up to 90 days for it to drop off the system. If that is the case, I will for sure lose my home. Can anyone offer me any more advise or anywhere else to go besides my local congressman or Atlanta HUD? 


Also, my Mtg. originator was wondering if, as of the clear date, if we can go with the original application, or if I have to "re apply" on or after my clear date? Does anyone know this answer either?  Apparanly in KY, this is not an issue that happens very often and people dont know what to do. 


Any advice anyone can give me, I would greatly appreciate it... I am so beyond stressed at this point :-(


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