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NFCU after Bankruptcy??

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NFCU after Bankruptcy??



I was speaking with a broker? a little while back who stated that NFCU would not approve any mortgage loans if you had a bankruptcy. She stated that you would have to be 7 years out from its discharge date to get an approval.


To clarify, NFCU was not included in the bankruptcy. I opened my account with them after the BK was discharged and have pretty much used thier CC to rebuild my scores.


anyone with some insight to this? I would really love to consider using them for my mortgage but dont want to waste my time if they will automatically deny it.

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Re: NFCU after Bankruptcy??

I would call and speak with one of their LO's and find out. If they that tight, their lots of good lenders and loan officers out there.


Best wishes to you!

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Re: NFCU after Bankruptcy??

NFCU did approve me for a mortgage. My BK discharge was in January 2013. I closed on the house this past May. The only thing they did have me do was a long packet with all of the accounts that were discharged and I had to provide a comment on each account.

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