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NY -file sent to USDA. chances of closing on time?


NY -file sent to USDA. chances of closing on time?

Offer made Oct 26 accepted the 30th (homepath property)
Inspection was delayed over two weeks due to Sandy hurricane and not being able to dewinterize home and get gas company in there. Everything has moved smoothly from that point.

We were due to close on the 21st but our processor had some delays and couldn't sent to USDA on time. She kept asking us for information at 4:45 by the time we got her anything it was past 5... Next day something else same story so 3 things that could have been done in one day had she asked for them all together were dragged out for one week. We informed our loan officer of this concern he got on top of it.

Our closing is now rescheduled for the ,28th and our file was sent to USDA (we assume from her wood it was going to be sent then but she hasn't answered our emailed question).

I spoke with a USDA guy I've been in contact with to assist us and he said their office turn around was 72hrs from the time the received it to the time the mortgage company receives it back.

How likely are the chances we can closer on the 28th. Everyone seems confident but out lawyer and us. If it doesn't happen on the 28th then is next year as Fannie mae will not close on any home on the 31st according to listing agent.

Think we can make it?
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Re: NY -file sent to USDA. chances of closing on time?

file sent thursday*

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