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Need Mortgage Broker........Any Suggestions

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Need Mortgage Broker........Any Suggestions

Good Morning Everyone,


I am thinking of applying for a mortgage in the next month or so, does anyone know of any good mortgage broker in Texas specifically the Dallas area? This is my first home and would like to be prepared as possible.



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Re: Need Mortgage Broker........Any Suggestions

Mortgage brokers can be a great help for getting lots of options offered.

But you should consider contacting one or two local credit unions, as well. In my case, my local CU beat the pants off a broker I was working with... by 1.5% interest and by about $3000 in closing costs.

Being a first time home buyer, there are lots of options available to you.

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Re: Need Mortgage Broker........Any Suggestions

ask friends and family or coworkers to refer you to someone they liked using?

realtors know the good ones as well.



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Re: Need Mortgage Broker........Any Suggestions

Fairway (edited by mod) in flower mound Texas best I have ever had great reate fast service very easy to work with 



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