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Need Serious Advice (honest advice too)

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Re: Need Serious Advice (honest advice too)

I'm wondering if you couldn't cut a deal with the car lender about the charge-off. You pay them some of what they charged off and they delete it from your credit report. Even if it cost you a few thousand dollars if that's the main thing keeping down your score it would be worth it. The difference in future mortgage interest (asssuming you own or buy a house)has to be much more. Also take steps to make sure there is no other loan that your ex could do this to you on.

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Re: Need Serious Advice (honest advice too)

cardsgalfan wrote:
I have recently got two new credit cards to improve my scores
I haven't had a car loan in 5 years in my name alone.  The last car loan I had was with an ex, and when we split, he took the car and let it get repo'd which of course shows up on me.
After reading some of the positive things about roadloans, I tried them and they denied me.  Any suggestions?

Keep the util on your CCs low, or zero. Check out the Friendly CC link in my sig.
CUs are probably your best bet for both CCs and car loans. Visit a local one. In the office, over the desk, looking someone eye to eye.
Are 530, 552, and 516 your FICO scores?
Any other bads on your CRs?
Per the terms of your divorce decree, you can sue your ex over letting the car get repoed. Unfortunately, that's the only "protection" built into divorce decrees and shared debt.
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Re: Need Serious Advice (honest advice too)

Have you tried House Hold Auto or Wachovia?
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