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Need an FHA streamline referral please,

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Re: Need an FHA streamline referral please,

I recommend you contact at least 3 recommended mortgage consultants...preferrably in your local area or at least the same state. Of course some people can do loans out of their State, but nonetheless I recommend it. Step back after speaking with each and getting their good faith estimates. Decide who you might be most comfortable working with and see if their good faith estimate is satisfactory to you. Remember, this practice is highly encouraged by the FEDs to benefit consumers of mortgage loans. It will serve you well! edited. More experience is not a necessity if a loan officer reads everything available to them and refers all the time to a highly competent Mgr. or Senior Mortgage Consultant. However, some experienced or inexperienced Mortgage consultants may make great salespeople and poor mortgage consultants or loan officers. Good luck!

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