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I've never bought a house on my own but bought 3 houses with my ex over the years.  I'm very nervous..... I kind of know what to expect but its kind of scary and exciting at the same time.  I've worked really hard the past four years to get into a place to buy a home.

My SL is paid off I have 5k CC debt with a 37k CL and owe nothing else to anyone.  I make 75k per year and have worked for the same outfit for 27yrs. 

On Experian my FICO score is at 722 right now. 

Any advice would help me!

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Re: Nervous

Congratulations on your progress. I would say you will want to purchase your 3 bureau report from MyFICO to obtain your mortgage FICO scores which can be quite different from FICO 8.

Also if you were able to pay your credit card balances down to around $3.2k (based on your current limits) you will likely see a bump in your score. Last, if any of your current revolving cards does soft pulls for credit line increases and you’re sure it’s a soft pull you could try for that as well to help your utilization percentages.

I’m sure the experts here will weigh in with additional guidance.

Best wishes!
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Re: Nervous

Congrats on starting the journey..  Your score seems good and I agree with what the other posted said about purchasing the 3B report to see where you stand.  Also, could you provide a bit more information about your journey?  For example, loan amount, state etc?  Thus, if you are confortable of course. 


Remember, to get the best advice on this board, you'd want to provide as much information as possible...

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Re: Nervous

So I’m purchasing by myself but my GF will be moving in during the summer. She will bring in 2700 after taxes. I am looking at price range from 200k to 325k. I live in Eastren Washington state.
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Re: Nervous

So middle score ended up at 749 and I have have been pre-approved from 4 different lenders for up to 320k on my own with 3.87 interest rate and 4.2 APR. Now the only issue is finding a house in a market where houses go in a day or two.
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Re: Nervous

Congratulations! That’s a fantastic mortgage score and should position you for optimal rates with whichever lender you ultimately select. Best wishes on your house hunt. Enjoy the process!
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