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Nobody will finance a car!

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Re: Nobody will finance a car!

That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about with companies like DRIVETIME. They are just the lowest of the low-class car dealers. I really just hate it when I see customers looking at vehicles on their lot... ya just gotta feel sorry for them because they're either at rock-bottom with their finances and credit scores, or worse... they don't know they have other options besides scum like DriveTime.

We should make it our personal mission to steer every potential victim (customer) away from places like DriveTime. Here's a fun way to start: next time we pass by a DriveTime car lot and we see anybody outside shopping, just pull over and shout out "get out of there and go to"...

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Re: Nobody will finance a car!

I have to disagree with everyone talking so badly about drive time.  I was in a huge jam and needed a car in one day and I had really bad credit.  Granted the car was overpriced, and my interest rate was high, but I was able to get a car and start rebuilding my credit.  They gave me a payment I could afford and since then have made two years of on time payments and almost have the car paid off.  I wish at the time I would have had more options on buying a car, but I didn't. 
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Re: Nobody will finance a car!

Frankie, you proved my point... DriveTime should only be used if it's like your last option on Earth. It sounds like you were definately out of options and that you made it work for you.

I just really believe most of their customers can purchase and finance somewhere else if they really put some effort into it. DriveTime really should be the last resort.
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