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October Closers!!

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Re: October Closers!!

Location: VA - Moving to Texas

Purchase price - $195,995
% Down - 0%
Product - 30 yr FHA
Mid score - 660

Sellers Credit - $1000, Lender: $1,500 + $9,858 from First-Time Homebuyer Program
Rate - 3.75% Locked until 10/15

Estimated Close Date -  October 29th
Possible issues - Just waiting to get my final approval, submitted all of my conditions to the underwriter. My home is a new construction home, was suppose to close on 10/20 but got pushed back till 10/29. Just nervous since I am a first-time homebuyer. Hope all goes well. Congrats to all the October closers!!!

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Re: October Closers!!

Location: North Carolina

Purchase price - $420,000 new construction
% Down - 0% (10k lot deposit being put towards closing)
Product - 30 yr VA

Builder's Preferred Lender Credit: $5k
Mid score - 685 <---THIS SCORE WAS ~530 in February 2020!

Rate - 3% 

Estimated Close Date -  10/29
Possible issues: None whatsoever. The only delay would be on the builder's end. I'm using their preferred lender and getting cash back at closing. All homes in the subdivision have exploded in value so appraisal shouldn't be an issue. 

Starting Score: 593
Current Score: 703
Goal Score: 725

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Re: October Closers!!

Closed without issues. Now that I have keys, I suppose i should start packing.


Good luck to the rest of the October closers.

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Re: October Closers!!

  1. Location: New York

    Purchase price - $580,000
    % Down - 5%
    Product - 30 yr conventional
    Mid score - 702

    Sellers Credit - $500
    Rate - 3.125%

    Estimated Close Date -  TODAY! We were originally scheduled to close September 27th but a delay with the municipal search and then the sellers needing more time pushed us back about a month. I'm just glad to be over with this part! 

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Re: October Closers!!

We both have the same closing date!! I got my clear to close and I am closing on 10/29 !! 

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