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Officially under contract!

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Officially under contract!

Closing set for Aug 15 now the praying that the appraisal and inspection come back good LOL! FHA scares me but we don't really anticipate any problems. Oh this has been stressful!

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Re: Officially under contract!

Congratulations!!! You’re on the home stretch... 😎
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Re: Officially under contract!

Congratulations! After losing 2 houses to cash offers, finally having one accepted and going under contract was an amazing feeling. And the house I got was the best out of the three. :-D


Do you really have chickens? Before I even moved in, I had a new chicken coop built for me!

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Re: Officially under contract!



Buying a home can be exciting and little scary. FYI, FHA is one of the easiest and most forgiving loan program available for homebuyers. Hopefully your LO has taken the time and explain all the details so you have complete understanding of the process and have confidence moving forward.


Best wishes to you!

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