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Old lender and appraisal


Old lender and appraisal

I was going through a lender back in July and I had a contract on a house before I went through the lender. I was with another lender b4 changing. My first lender did an apprisal I paid for it. I went to the second lender I had to do an aplication fee of 380 which include credit check and appraisal fee. I wrote a check. The guy told me they will credit money fee to closing if they don't charge for the apprisal fee, since it was getting transferred. well I didn't go with them because I didn't get approved. That was back in July now it's November and they finally cash the check. Could they do that?

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Re: Old lender and appraisal

You should have cancelled the check with your bank. Unfortunately I think they can do this...

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