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Online Dispute with Equifax

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Online Dispute with Equifax

If I filed an online dispute with Equifax, once it is completed, will my Credit Report then go back to what it was for the accounts that were found to be accurate after the 45 day waiting period for the dispute to be looked into? 


My confusion is with all of these message boards and comments about creditors not removing the dispute.  Why would they not remove them once the investigation has been completed?  What, in your opinion, would be the best way to handle getting them removed after the dispute investigation has been completed?  Is it typical to have everything to go back to "normal" after a dispute, and I am just seeing the "worst case scenarios" for everything?


What is the average time frame people have dealt with to have a dispute removed from an account?  Are most creditors good at removing them promptly after the investigation has been completed?


Thank you so much for your help...this is a great resource for information...



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Re: Online Dispute with Equifax

I've only had trouble with EQUIFAX and my dispute sat for 1 year with status that "consumer disputes" when I call them up to find out why its still in dispute, they said it was no longer in dispute that it was verified a year ago - that I can see that by looking at the status date.  They ended up disputing again and it still did the same.  I was in no rush but now that I'm trying for a mortgage I really want it off so I have now contacted them a 3rd time since November and its still there. 


I'm afraid to contact the actual collection company since I hear how if you are not careful you can start the clock all over -and this one falls off in early next year.  Plus its for a large amount and my broker pulled my credit and did not feel it needed to be paid, just that I need to remove the dispute.


Good luck to you - let us know if you get it off and how

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