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Please help! When will I see the light?

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Please help! When will I see the light?

I went through a devastating breakup and without getting into the gorey details, I was left with a lot of debt. I am currently short selling my house and it should be settled any day now, but I am in mortgage default for several months as the bank kept delaying the process. Settlement is set for 2 weeks and then the record will be closed, but how will my credit score be affected? I used to have a great score, but now it is horrible since I have been in default for so long. Will it fall even more once the debt is settled, or will it increase because I am no longer shown as delinquent on the account since it is closed?


Also, I consolidated over $16k worth of debt and have been chiseling away at it. I am never delinquent on these payments and have paid over $3k toward this debt so far. My car and student loans are all up to date as well. Once the short sale is settled, how long until I begin to see my score start increasing?


Appreciate any input!

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Re: Please help! When will I see the light?

You score will take a pretty big hit when the short sale hits it but not as mucha s some since with the other lates, etc you have laready taken some lumps.  But no, it is not going to "look better" becuase you are no longer in default.  Instead of curing the default, you settled the defualt for less than owed (Short sale)  There will be a notation placed on the mortgage file to that extent and your score will drop.


as far as the consolidation, was it a regualr consolidatin loan, or debt consolidation.  Big difference.  If you took out a loan, paid off all of the debt, and are now just paying the loan, you will have get some small incremental increases (you probably already have but they have been more than negated by the mortgage lates).


If it is debt consolidation it could go either way.  Many of these companies contiue to report you as late until paid in full so your score could continue to go down.  Some will change to reporting the debt as being paid, and some will reprot it as settled or paying less than owed.  Too many variables and it can vary creditor by creditor.  If they are charge offs or collections, paying them does not help your score in any case.


Best case is that as the debts are piad off you get lucky and they report paid as agreed and your score starts to climb


Worse case, they are being reportd as still delinquent all the way until being paid off and your score is going to keep dropping until paid off.  no way for us to know and it probably lies somewhere in the middle.  Short term, debt consolidation programs (if that is what you are in) generally are a negative on your report...BUT, they allow you an out to get out from under alot of debt in a reasonable amount of time and long term can end up being good as you get the detb paid quicker and can then start rebuilding sooner. 

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