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Please respond don’t just view 😀 MORTGAGE SCORES

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Please respond don’t just view 😀 MORTGAGE SCORES

Currently looking for ways to maximize my FICO and mortgage scores before closing in March 2018. Current FICO scores 683 trans, 638 ex and 625 eq. Current mortgage scores 630 trans, 622 eq, 613 ex. 


Collections accounts

* Transunion-NONE 

* Equifax- National credit systems $500 and $3466. (Drop date 4/2018)

* Experian- National credit systems $500 and $3466 BOTH REMOVED 11-5-17


Charge Offs 

* Sun Loan $1700 

* TXU energy( experian)  $187 REMOVED 11/5/17 


Credit Cards

* Capital One- $22 balance   $500 Limit  “opened 4/16”

* Credit One- $0 balance  $600 limit.   “Opened 7/17”

* First Progress secured card- $0 balance  $300 limit 

* Fingerhut- $0 balance   $1600 limit.   “Opened 10/15”


Installment Loans

Exeter Finance”car note”  balance $8904 CURRENT.. NO LATE PAYMENTS 

Student loans roughly $30,000 Current, last late payment 2014,


Annual Income. $140,000

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Re: Please respond don’t just view 😀 MORTGAGE SCORES

I would try and get am early drop of the collection on Equifax. Other than that everything looks in good order
Time will bring your scores up. I dont see any other quick fixes in what you posted.
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Re: Please respond don’t just view 😀 MORTGAGE SCORES

Start calling Equifax in mid-January to ask for an early exclusion on the National Credit Systems. Equifax will only remove items 3months early if you catch a nice person. I had an account with them too that was removed a couple of months ago 2-3 months early.


Your cc utilization is good, so there's nothing to change there. You're probably getting dinged because some of them are newer accounts and only time will help that. 


Your charge-off with Sun Loan, is that reporting every month? If so, it's hurting you. You can tell if it is when you look at the the status date on that item. I would call and settle the account so they can close it and stop reporting. You'll start to see a slow increase there.  

FICO8 Scores - 639TU / 650EQ / 649EX

New Homeowner - Dec 2017!
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