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Hello everyone! I've been preparing to purchase a house for a while because I have a lot of negatives to overcome (all caused by one over-arching issue) Including the following:
- Short Sale in 2016

- Some baddies on my credit report, the most recent is a 30 day late in March 2018, they are now all paid in full and current

- defaulted student loan on which I've been making monthly payments for a year

- on a payment plan with the IRS for back taxes

I know it's a lot but I cannot cry over spilled milk. I've corrected my behavior and my credit score is approving steadily.


Current mortgage scores are 684, 684, and 695.  DTI is 11%

I am wondering if I should ask my lender to subject my file to pre-underwriting. I am 99.99% sure that I've captured all of the negatives above but I am terrified of any surprises and heartbreak during the offer process.

Do you think pre-underwriting is warranted and reasonable in my case? Will a lender even consider my request (given the number of re-fis in process right now)?


Thanks in advance!!


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