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Question Regarding Credit Pulls After Pre-Approval

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Question Regarding Credit Pulls After Pre-Approval

How many time will my credit actually be pulled.


We got our Pre-Approval just about 2 weeks ago, a credit pull was done


We have found a house and put in an offer, waiting to see if the accept.


Will they do another credit pull after my offer is accepted before they send it underwriting and then again at closing or will they just do another before closing?


My scores are over 640 but not sure they will stay if I have more than 2 score pulls.

2/28/12 -TU FICO 646 3/28/12 TU-FICO 647 4/19/20 TU-662,
2/28/12 - EQ FICO 557 3/14/12- EQ FICO 600 3/16/12 EQ FICO 623, EQ FICO 628, 7/2/12 662
2/20/12 - EXP FAKO 620 3/16/12 FAKO 631 FAKO 643 3/28/12 655 (MTG pull) 5/7/12 698

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Re: Question Regarding Credit Pulls After Pre-Approval

When I closed on my home there wasn't a final credit pull.  It may have been due to my time frame of me closing in three weeks after my initial review.  I've heard of places doing both for the preapp and a closing CR pull.  From what my LO told me the pulls are checking to see if you missed any payments or applied for new credit within the mortgage loan period.  It depends on the lender though.

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