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Question about non-traditional tradelines

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Question about non-traditional tradelines

Hi tomjr1234 and welcome to the forums.


The thread you commented in is almost 4 years old so I've split your post off to start a new thread. All I changed is the title. If you want to change it to something else click on "Options" and select "Edit Message" from the drop-down menu.


MarineVietVet, myFICO moderator

i have a free n clear house just appraised for 94000 my brother and i own it for 25 years we both have 800 credit scores we are both in our fifties and dont work we are on fixed incomes we want to use the money to do work on the house and pay off bills problem is i have all the credit in my name my brother has one closed trade line but he has a long history of paying gas electric water and taxes what lender has a program that could help us we need both our incomes i live in lakewood ohio loan amount 70000

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