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Question on FHA underwriting in NC

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Question on FHA underwriting in NC

Hello all!


Well, I finally made it to this point. I had an offer accepted on a home that will need renovated. We got the inspection and appraisal back last Thursday. The Appraisal came back $10k lower than offer, so we will need to renegotiate with the seller.


During the inspection, there were things we were going to ask the seller to repair, this included a damaged peice of wood in the garage that was not replaced when a new roof was put on 4 years ago. The appraiser noted some electrical sockets needing covered, unstained wood needing staind and this post. Now underwriting wants a strutural engineer too look at the beam and a roof inspection, which will be more out of my savings. As this is my first home purchase, is this normal? 


Thanks ahead of time!!

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Re: Question on FHA underwriting in NC

Once items like these are pointed out by the appraiser the underwriter has to be able to confirm the home is safe so it's not unheard of for an underwriter to ask for a structural engineer to certify the damaged wood isn't an issue and a roofing company to confirm there aren't any needed repairs.  I'd ask if the underwriter would accept a comment from the appraiser or your home inspector in lieu of it.  But this underwriter could very well be saving you from a much more expensive repair down the road.  There are also renovation loans where you can finance needed or desired renovations into your loan amount (wouldn't save you from requiring this situation to be addressed though, but could save you some out of pocket money later on).

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Re: Question on FHA underwriting in NC

Thank you Shane! Yes, that is what the latest email from the mortgage company said as well.

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