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Questions regarding Authorized users and FHA financing

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Questions regarding Authorized users and FHA financing

My girlfriend has very limited credit history. No history with 2 of them, and history with equifax because of 2 late medical bills. She has a credit card but only a score with Equifax because of the negatives. The account was established in November. So we are assuming we will see a credit report for the other two in April. (Chime in if I am wrong). My question is, I read if you want FHA financing, you need two established tradelines. Will her parents adding her onto a credit card with good history over 10 years help her and count in the FHA underwriting? If not then it looks like we have to wait another year. Any information or something I am overlooking? Please help! We're desperate?!

Starting Score: myFico Scores Equifax 544 Transunion 585
Current Score: myFico Scores Equifax 655 Transunion 663 Experian 645
Goal Score: 700 Across the board

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