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Rapid Rescore

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Rapid Rescore

Can someone tell me how accurate is Rapid Rescore?


I have a lender tell me if I pay my collections off that my score will increase 25 points  and if I pay my current credit card to 100$ it will be 4 Pts only .

My current scores are 617, 582, 574

Does it matter if the collections is new and that's why? 
Here are the balance 

Okay, I am working on repairing my credit to get approved for a home. However, here are few baddies that I have:


Net Credit -1,500 in collection status but with the Orginial Creditor .

2 Collections Agency- 


CKS Prime :$900

 They both still reporting they are new from Jan of 2020. I have been Pre-approval but the lender has not told me my rate .


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Re: Rapid Rescore

Yes, it is extremely accurate. 

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