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The G/F and I are looking at buying a house @ 200K with 20% down going conventional and we received an e-mail from the mortgage guy saying the rates have went up from 3.75 last week to now 4.25. Is anyone else getting around the same rates? If the rates are really going out this much we will just rent for a year until i'm out of school and working full time again.

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Re: Rates

While rates have risen sharply since the election, your rate for a conventional loan is based largely upon your credit score. You can explore the rates in your area by using the CFPB's site:

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TU 752- EQ 751- EX 745

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Re: Rates

the prognosticators  i follow think the sudden rise we saw might fall back a little.

but that a little higher rates will be the trend going forward.



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