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Re-Fi Process not easy

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Re-Fi Process not easy

Currently in the process of re-fi and it seems like every bank has issues with doing it.  We had a BK and it is now off all 3 CB's. Had a forclosure, but has seasoned as of January.  We are re-fi using my husband's FICO and his middle score is 782.  Both WF and Citibank will not take because we had a BK and forclosure.  Now BB&T has and they are still being very stringent and asking that we have 6 months payments in bank, which we do. I'm frustrated because we have everything we need, yet all these things that were in our past keep popping up.  Currently these banks are offering us 3.825% which is better than the 6.625 that we have now.  Are we not doing enough?  Any advice?


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Re: Re-Fi Process not easy

We likely need more information (LTV/DTI etc.) to determine why others aren't providing you with a decent enough offer, but you might be subject to some internal overlays at these "other lenders". 


If your current bank (BB&T) is trying to close a conventional loan and you meet FNMA or Freddie Mac guidelines then you are likely to be ok.




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Re: Re-Fi Process not easy

When was your Bk discharged?

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