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Reminder: Soliciting on myFICO is Prohibited


Reminder: Soliciting on myFICO is Prohibited

The myFICO Forums are intended to provide consumers with the opportunity to exchange useful and helpful information.


That said, we've seen an increase in the number of solicitations, sometimes from people posting to say "PM me."  This is against both the letter and the spirit of the myFICO Terms of Service


To be fair to the overwhelming number of people who volunteer their time and share their knowledge here while following the rules, we will start actively removing posts that prompt for a private message with the intent to solicit a product or service.


Please note that it is also against the Terms of Service to provide any personal information in a signature or bio, this includes an email address or website.  We will be actively enforcing this guideline effective immediately.


Members who violate these guidelines may have their posting privileges restricted or blocked.


If you receive a PM from someone requesting your personal details or trying to sell you a product or service please click 'Report' on the bottom-left of the message to notify a moderator.


If you have any additional questions about this or any other myFICO policy or guideline, feel free to contact any moderator or administrator.

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