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Removing a Dispute from Experian requires starting a new one?

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Removing a Dispute from Experian requires starting a new one?

I'm confuse by this one.  My partner is removing disputes from her three credit reports, that she filed about one company.  We are close to closing, which should happen sometime in early February.  The disputes that she started and have since been closed, are the ones that her loan officer needs to be removed.  Equifax and Transuion were wonderful with removing them.  Experian, on the other!  First, you call and can't even get transferred to a HUMAN.  So I finally got a hold of them on FB and was told that she needed to START a dispute, then say that it was the incorrect information, to get to even SPEAK to a person??  WHAT?  That sounds fishy to us.  Is that legit?  I advised her NOT to do that and I'm pretty sure her loan officer would say the same thing.  We're stuck.  She just wants to speak to someone.



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Re: Removing a Dispute from Experian requires starting a new one?

Experian can be a little funny.  You are in a time crunch so here are your options:


a) Go online to and file the dispute online,

b) Keep calling every day until you get a human,


c) write a dispute letter, attach a copy of the drivers license, ss card, copy of utility bill or cc bill showing name and address as proof of identity (total of 3 items).  Mail certified return receipt delivery.  They have 30 days to respond upon receipt.  Usually only takes 2-3 weeks though (I know this because I have a credit repair business and do this every day).


Wishing you the best outcome!

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