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Reviews on refinancing with Ally/ ?

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Reviews on refinancing with Ally/ ?

I'm not sure why I can't find many reviews of this online lender. I have a checking and savings account with Ally and have had no problem at all. Does anyone have mortgage experience with them? 


I am looking at refinancing a jumbo conventional loan for more than 1% less interest rate than what was closed on last year. This ends up saving about $300 in PMI and $300 in principal/interest. Is it too good to be true?


So far I am impressed with the interface. I am able to get an updated Loan Estimate in real time with a nice breakdown of rates and associated points/lender credits. I haven't compared this to any other online lenders, but this seems nifty.

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Re: Reviews on refinancing with Ally/ ?


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Re: Reviews on refinancing with Ally/ ?

I can't comment on their actual performance but can concur that the pre-approval process is second to none. Very simple and easy to utilize.

We were steered away from them because we are in an area where the houses we are looking at are gone within 24 hours. Our realtor told us to use a local broker that our offer would be viewed more favorably. Not sure if that is accurate or not, but she is the one who sells 20 houses a month, not me. 



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