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S Corp / illness and mortgage

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S Corp / illness and mortgage

My husband and I have been starting the mortgage process and have run into a snag.

The lender requires tax returns (which is fine) but I won’t be on the application. I have stopped work for health reasons so my husband is going to be the sole the applicant.

We have an s Corp and 50% of our clients are through Upwork and the other half come from traditional word of mouth.

I have halted my work or transferred my clients over to my husband and for the past year he has been the sole provider with an income of $220,000 annually.

Since previous years we had a joint income equal to what he gets now (maybe a little less) will his reduced income from previous years affect the ability to get a loan?

Or will they focus on current years mostly?

We plan on sending everything over to the bank today or next week but wonder how much more difficult it will be.

(Also, we do have the 10% downpayment and it’s for a jumbo loan.)

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