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STILL waiting to close.

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STILL waiting to close.

this is going to kill me.


The county is still sitting on the paperwork (that is NOT necessary to close, has nothing to do with the loan, but the builder won't release the house until they get their dang rebate).  Plus, the LO emails me this afternoon, telling me they need another LOE about the NFCU savings account I opened back in June. Why she didn't realize this BEFORE today is beyond me, since we had a long talk about it BEFORE I even applied for NFCU.  No new credit, I get it, sheesh.  She was supposed to have sent my file Friday for final UW, but clearly, that didn't happen, either.


Earliest we can close now is Wednesday.  I REALLY needed to close Tuesday as I am off Wed/Thurs and those were my only days to get some serious work done before we move next week. And we HAVE to move next week, have to be out on Halloween.  Kill. Me.

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Re: STILL waiting to close.

I totally feel your frustration! I was suppose to close today but the games the LO and powers to be play has me still hanging...that will be another post as I don't want to hijack yours. Hnag in there and have faith.

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Re: STILL waiting to close.

Hang in there it will happen!

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