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Score dropped 20 points while in Underwriting


Re: Score dropped 20 points while in Underwriting

Thanks for the reply. I've asked the LO several times if they would run credit again because I was worried this would happen and she's told me the y won't and that she's never seen it happen. She told me not to worry. Now that this appeared I'm wondering if I should ask again cause I've asked her that enough that I'm starting to annoy her.

It's on EX as of this morning but not EQ and TU. those two are still above 620. My original middle was 650.
Current Score:EQ-660 (FICO) / TU-677 (FICO) (3/10/14)
6/8/12 Score:EQ-640 / TU-650 / EX-656 (All FICO Lender Pulls 6/8/12)
6/5/12 Score:EQ-640 / TU-638 / EX-656 (All FICO Lender Pulls 6/5/12)
6/1/12 Score:EQ-640 (FICO) / TU-618 (FICO) /EX-670 (FAKO)
Starting Score:EQ-542 TU-574 (4/30/2012)
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