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Seller has not responded to request for repairs.

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Re: Seller has not responded to request for repairs.

Hey Luz, not to dampen your joy, but water is generally always a bad sign and this close to the shower, the pan is probably leaking. If it's a solid surface like faux marble, the entire surround would have to be replaced. This happened to us, to the tune of $6000 for something we didn't really like. I would get your own estimate and ask for a credit, NOT a discount on cost, but a credit at close to pay for it. If you can. I don't know how hard of a bargain you're already driving, but you don't want them to recaulk the shower when the pan is cracked and have the floor fall out from under the shower in three years. Not to be dramatic, but stranger things have happened. I don't play with water.

@light_in_Spanish wrote:
Heard back from attorney, they agreed with some repairs and will get an estimate from a plumber for bathroom leak. Today they will let us know if they will fix it or not. Hopefully it's nothing major, the inspector saw water/humidity on lower part of wall, but couldn't confirm what was causing it. Closing is at the end of July, so we have some time. Fingers crossed.


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