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September & October Closers

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Re: September & October Closers

Purchase Price: $270.000

Property: ~3100 sqft 5 bd rm, 3.5 bath, bonus room AND unfinished room

Submitted offer on: DEC 2011

Signed Purchased contract on : JAN 2012 

Type of Loan: FHA Loan Rate: 3.375%; %5 down

Loan Application submitted: Aug 15, 2012

Loan approved: Sept 15, 2012

TBD Closing date: Sept 19, 2012


It has been a heck of a roller coaster ride. I would digress, but let just say, it is good to have the keys to the house.

5/30/15 EQ 596; TU 605; EX 580.
12/18/17 EQ 646; TU 660; EX 674
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Re: September & October Closers

Purchase Price: $338,000

Property: 3200sf 5 bd rm, 3.5 bath, Man Cave and Oversized 2 Car Garage

Submitted offer on: 9/15

Signed Purchased contract on : 9/17

Type of Loan: FHA Loan Rate: 3.375%; 3.5% down

Loan pre-approved: 9/10

Closing date: 10/24

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Re: September & October Closers

Well we closed on Friday morning and had my keys in hand at 11:00. I am so glad that this is behind us as now I feel like I can move forward! Thanks to everyone for the help akong the way!

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Re: September & October Closers

So the mortgage broker called today and said we should be out of underwriting today and also got notice from my insurance that they have asked for the binder today.  OMG, we're almost there!

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Re: September & October Closers

Purchase Price: $161500

Property: 1708 sq ft - 3 br 2 bath 2 car garage breakfast nook and formal dining room built in 2004 Smiley Happy

Submitted offer on: Sept 26th

Signed Purchased contract on : Sept 30th

Type of Loan: FHA Loan Rate: 2.875% LOCKED 10.1.12 WOOHOO... 3.5% Down

Loan Application submitted: Sept 22nd

Loan approved: Prequalified on Sept 24th ... still turning everything in for full approval ... fingers crossed all goes well

Closing date: Oct 24th so far...

9/1/2012 ...DRUMROLL .... EQ .. 776!!

I'm FINALLY a homeowner .. 10/24/12!!!!

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Re: September & October Closers

I'm so excited to be able to post in this thread, its been such a tough 6 months to get here, and man hurdles in the loan process but I finally got my clear to close today.  I started off 6 months ago with a 600 credit score and already have an FHA loan on my condo.  I was able to secure this house with including my condo in the DTI.  It doesn't seem like much, but with my newborn here I am proud to put my wife and daughter in a good neighborhood in a great home.




  • Purchase Price:  $119,900(seller pays 3% closing)
  • Property: ~1600 Sq ft 3 bed and 1 bath ranch style home
  • Submitted offer on: 8/19/12
  • Signed Purchased contract on : 8/21/12
  • Type of Loan: Conventional
  • Loan Rate: 3.5%
  • Loan Application submitted:  8/24/12
  • Loan approved: 10/1/12
  • Committment letter received on: 10/1/12
  • Closing date: 10/3/12
  • Closed on: 10/3/12

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Re: September & October Closers

indecison wrote:

westo12 wrote:

indecison wrote:


If it helps you any my mid score is a 684 and my wifes is a 668. We also had a BK discharged in March of 2009.

YES, thank you so much!! Smiley Happy

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Re: September & October Closers

Got our appraisal in the mail, somewhat unexpectedly. I hadn't expected it until later this week, so it was a... uh... "pleasant" surprise when it arrived early.


We opened it a bit shakily, since our friends just moved into the same community a few weeks before us. Their house (new construction) appraised $30K less than their contract price, and it took two weeks, a storage unit, and bunking up with neighbors to get it all straightened out. Ever since that, we've been terrified at what our appraisal might be, since they bought a home that was midway through construction and didn't have the opportunity to add as many options as we did.


Huge sigh of relief when we saw that our house had appraised for $20 more than our contract price.... if you haven't gone through this yet, I can't tell you how awesome that feels.


We sign off on the home completion on Oct. 15, and close on October 22nd. Hopefully smooth sailing from here on out--our first home! 

Fico Scores:
EQ - 811 (Feb '14)
TU - 829 (Mar '14)
EX - 814 (Mar '12) - Lender Pull
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Re: September & October Closers





Purchase price: $55,000
Property: ~1257 sqft, 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath
Submitted offer on: March 9, 2012
Signed Purchased contract on: March 13/14, 2012
Type of Loan: FHA
Loan Rate: 3.75%
Loan Application approved: Mid August, 2012 (with conditions)
Closing date: September 27, 2012 (closed, funded, recorded, key in hand!)

I already got all the utilities turned on, and the painters are on day #2! Moving day is Sunday!

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Re: September & October Closers

Hi everybody,


I closed on a townhome yesterday.  The purchase took about 2.5 months because I switched banks in the middle of the process because the original bank changed the terms of the loan and I knew I was qualified for a better deal.


It was stressful, but I think I made the right choice in the end.


I ended up doing a 30 year conventional loan fixed at 3.5% (no points).  The information and updates on these threads were very encouraging and helpful.


Congratulations to everyone else that has closed and good luck to those working towards closing.



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