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Shane-Property Tax Question

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Re: Shane-Property Tax Question

Oh don't get me wrong demi, loft bedrooms are awesome. But when I think of a 3br with a loft br, I envision a master suite where two bedrooms are down stairs and the King and Queen (homeowners) reside over the home on the floor above looking down onto the subjects (guests or kids).

I know its a bit romantisized but I just don't buy a loft guest bedroom. I mean if there is only a little space for a daybed, then I can only imagine that the loft bedroom is not the only bedroom on the second floor.

So I just picture myself as a guest laying in this "guest bedroom"  as other people walk upstairs towards their actual rooms with me laying in bed and no walls. Kinda creepy. I know ultimately when you have kids a Loft master suite may be impractical but at least that looks functional for a while.
Some stuff to consider if you are still designing this house. I hope it works though and I as long as you like it that is all that matters. Good Luck!
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Re: Shane-Property Tax Question

Thanks for all the discussionSmiley Happy  My realtor told me to offer about 7% lower depending on the area if I really want a property.  Problem is, most of them thanks to the past few years have been nicely "inflated" and aren't really worth that...and they are out of my range.
I don't want a neighborhood with the price going down either, but I'm watching for a diamond in the rough if you will.  I'm ok w/something that needs cosmetic repair because my S.O. is a carpenter by trade, I think they are there, but prices haven't started dropping in my area yet unless you get a 1 BDR...I'm hopeful per my realtor that Feb will be betterSmiley Happy
I hear it will continue for some time but I don't want to wait until the end of 2008Smiley Sad
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