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Should I ask Chase to report my mortgage

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Should I ask Chase to report my mortgage

Hi all and thank you for reading.


Years of great credit, scores, and payments all went away 6 years ago due to a job loss. It's been a very challenging time but after a BK in Jan 2008 and plenty of hard work I'm getting back on track.


1 1/2 years ago Chase approved a modification. Payments (while made) had a very ugly pattern. When pulling my credit reports (EQ, 628 - EX, 644 - TU 632, 18k in credit cards - under 30% ult, a Prosper loan for $9,500- all payments on tme, and the modification with 18 payments on time) I've discovered that the mortgage is not reporting. 


Comments on the CB state that my scores are down in part of my mortgage not reporting.


Should I contact CHASE and see if they will report?


Thank you,



While somewhat related. When the modification was done I'm to recieve a $75k reduction if all payments are done in three years. Does anyone know if I can apply to refi and stil get the $75k.


Thank you, this is a great board!

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Re: Should I ask Chase to report my mortgage

Chase is not obligated to report your payments after bk even if you reaffirmed the debt or not so leave that tradeline alone. It is completely normal for the lender to stop reporting after a bk. Some will report after a reaffirmation, most won't.


Keep good records of your mortgage payments so if you do decide to refinance anytime in the future or sell and buy something else, you can prove your payment history.


As to keeping the terms of your modification even if you refinance the mortgage, I don't think that will work, but you would need to review your written signed modification to know for sure.


If your concern is your credit score then head over to the rebuilding section and read the thread about getting your score over 700 within 2 years of discharge from Bk. The formula is heavily weighted in favor of credit cards and not so much toward installment loans. Are all of your cards reporting a balance of 30%? If so, that is part of the reason your score has been hit hard. The rebuilding section has some very good tips to get your score up without having to have the mortgage TL report.


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