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Should I be added to Auto loan

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Should I be added to Auto loan

Loan is in DH's name (he works for GM so a great rate).  It was taken out in July 2005 as a 60 month loan and is 'ahead' by months.  Should I try to get added to this to complete my credit profile (and hopefully raise the score)?
I was just coming off surgery when it was bought (hence no income since I am commission only) so we didn't put me on it.

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Re: Should I be added to Auto loan

yes, absolutely. Get added. there is still time if it will show right away on you CR, you can go and apply for one card and ONE card only:
AMEX DELTA SKYMILES GOLD. do not apply for anything else! Once you get this card, convert to AMEX BLUE at activation and you will be on your way to building new credit.
good luck
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