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Signing at Escrow

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Signing at Escrow

We have our appointment to sign at escrow this morning at 11am. We are so excited! 


Yesterday morning I got an email from our LO saying our closing went from 480 to 1207 because of interest and a bunch of other nickel and dimes. Our LO also said that escrow was asking us to pay 7 months of property taxes up front. She said this was not typical and didn't know why usually we pay 2 month reserves and our property taxes/insurance are all included in our monthly mortgage. I called and left a message with escrow as to why this was the cause and received a call back saying I didn't need to bring any money to closing that my 1500 earnest money would cover all closings and I would get $38 back. So my question is what do I do? 


I emailed my loan officer after I got the call saying we owed nothing now and she said she wasn't sure how that was right and she would look into it. Escrow said LO must not have credited out earnest money. Shouldn't someone have caught this before we go and sign? And if we sign and the bank catches the error when the HUD form goes back to them will this delay the process. We are supposed to close tomorrow and really anxious about it.


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Re: Signing at Escrow

Did you receive your HUD1 ?

Good Luck
May all your dreams and wishes become a reality!
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