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So I've started my journey **updated 6/27/12**

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Re: So I've started my journey **updated 6/27/12**

Yes, I'm still on here.  I've put my search on hold as I hit a few road blocks but working through them just fine.  I found out I can't use down payment assistance with a multi family property.  So I'm saving up more money, however what I've found is a lot of multi-family homes are not legally duplexes ( don't let "not legally" scare you)  What that simply means is they are taxed as single family homes.  For instance one house I was looking at (but lost the bid) is 3k square feet, but the owner put up a wall in the house and made the other side a full  3 bedroom 2bath unit w/ all the aminities.  I've found a lot of this as a matter of fact, so things are looking good on that front.  The thing is I really wanted a traditional 4plex.  So, I'm saving money right now to do that and weighing my options.  The other downside to a multifamily is if I use a FHA loan, I have to live in one of the units. Not too bad, but depends on you situation if you are ready to be a onsite landlord. 

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