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Stressing over loan in UW...

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Re: Stressing over loan in UW...

Please point me in the right direction...I will have to deal with this very soon. Sooner than later is probably best before it becomes an issue.

Please send me the link or numbers used.

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Re: Stressing over loan in UW...

roadwork wrote:

Ok, had the comments removed by CRA's... got confirmation in December. I just re-checked my reports and the comments are back on there. The good thing was that my scores did not drop after they were originally removed. I assume because this is a collection account I am dealing with.


So, I have to find some way to get the CA to remove the dispute comments before the lender has to pull my scores/reports again mid-Feb. This is def. a PITA! The house will not be finished for at least 3 months, so hopefully that's enough time.

I had all my dispute comments removed ... by phone. One CRA did it while I was on the phone. Another processed "requests  to remove disputes" and told me that they had been submitted. The 3rd would have done it on the phone except I was unable to get the credit report online [failed one or more of the security questions] and had to do it via USPS mail. Yes, my scores dropped.

Some builders will hold the house for a reasonable time after it has been built for a buyer's credit to recover. Other builders will cancel the sale and market the house as an inventory house.


Even as a former mrotgage broker, I did not realize how the few dispute comments on my file would have been such a pain.

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