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Suggestions to qualify by June 2013

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Suggestions to qualify by June 2013

I am in the process of rebuilding my credit. Starting score was in the mid 540's in May 2012(EXP), now 676 EXP, 686 EQU and 695 TU.  I tried to get pre-approved in November 2012 at which time the score I see with my CreditMonitoring service was 640 EXP 642, TU 670 and EQU 650.  However the scores the lender pulled was 593 EXP, 610 EQU and 690 TU. The lender used the mid score of 610 - they require a minimum of 640.  I was told my income/debt ratio was more than sufficient and for the home desired but that the credit score was too low.


There is no rhyme or reason to the reporting, but in the interim, I have reduced my credit card utilization from 88% to 12% and pestered the credit bureaus to indicate that my Tax liens with the IRS are reporting as satisfied (they were still reporting as outstanding).

Despite the changes, there has not been a significant jump in the score that I see.  What suggestions do you make, (other than the obvious of keeping current and not having any needless inquiries - there are more than I would like) in order to have an acceptable score by June 2013?

Starting Score: 5 43 Ex May 2012 EQ May 2012 550
Apr 2013 Score: Apr 2013 TU/ 683 Ex /670 EQ/ 686

Dec 2013 EQ/751 TU/730 EX 762

Goal Score: 740

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Re: Suggestions to qualify by June 2013

 Keep UTI below 10% if you can. The tax leins would have been an issue with most lenders either way, so that's good you fixed that.    Credit score fluctuate, so I would not  take it so hard that there was such a difference, as I'm sure it's shot back up with the utilization being better.


 If you have any negatives things on your profile, try to eliminate them, and do not open any new accounts, maintain a good uti, you should be fine...

Staring Scores:Transunion-636 Equifax-618 Experian- 640 (8/12):
Current Scores:Transunion-717 Equifax-(?) Experian 726(as of 11/18/13):

Goal 760 Across the Board:

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Re: Suggestions to qualify by June 2013

contact the IRS to have them remove the account from ur credit report. that is the only way you will see your score increase..


a lien, judgement, collection agency affects your score the same way whether it is paid/unpaid

Starting Score: Exp:513 | TU:541 | EQ:517 - 11/13/2012
Current Score: Exp:623 | TU FICO:639 | EQ FICO:743 - 01/24/2012
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Re: Suggestions to qualify by June 2013

I don't think the scores on your siggy are FICO scores, the scores your lender gave you is your true FICO score. It looks like your EX score is your lowest, I would pull your all 3 credit reports (don't worry of the scores from there) and make sure they all have the same info. Pay special attention to your EX score, match the other 2 to your TU report because that's your highest. We no longer have access to EX fico score and this is your best bet getting your score somewhat the same. Go to the rebulding side of this forum, they have tons of knowledge on boosting your scores up. GL.

Starting Score: 2/22/12: EQ 530, TU 553, EX 528(lender). 12/4/12 (rebuilding starts)= EQ 599.
Current Score: 1/4/16: EQ 743, TU FICO 724, EX 737.
Goal Score: 750 all across.

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