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Tax Transcripts for 2008,2009,2010!!!!

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Tax Transcripts for 2008,2009,2010!!!!

:smileysad:Im set to close on my home on June 22nd, however I received an email from the lone officer at Flagstone lending that I have to order my tax transcript myself because we have so little time left. The automated machine said that I should be receiving them in 5-10 days. Im so nervous that I wont get them in time and we wont be able to close that day. Does anyone know if that's just an estimated date and I may get them sooner? Its just so close~~~ 

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Re: Tax Transcripts for 2008,2009,2010!!!!

You can contact the IRS directly and have them faxed directly to you.

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Re: Tax Transcripts for 2008,2009,2010!!!!

Usually they can order it themselves with form 4506t and it can take as little as 1-3 days.

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