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Thank You


Thank You

To all the contributors here, all the posters who have been through the ups and downs, and the mortgage insiders who dispense their valuable insights....thank you. After a long battle of getting my financial house in order, with the guidance of all of you, we now have our mortgage preapproval letter from our lender! I know we've still got a way to go (new construction, wheeee!) but we wouldn't have even gotten here without all your help. So again, thank you! 


New build updates to follow. Talking with the sales agent tomorrow morning.

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Re: Thank You

Congrats & good luck!

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Re: Thank You

Congrats!! Good luck on your mortgage JOURNEY!!

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Re: Thank You

congrats and best of luck on you new home construction!

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Re: Thank You

Congratulations on your new build - have a wonderful time planning and getting ready to move!

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Re: Thank You

Good job and post pics if you don't mind so that we can follow.  Congrats!

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Re: Thank You

Congrats. I'm about to go through this whole process as well. I will be following closely. Can't wait for updates.

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Re: Thank You

Update 1. Offer made and accepted about 24hrs later. I think I left money on the table, but I got the important to us stuff.


The picture below is our little patch of dirt. Over the next few months it will transform it to a lovely 4br 2.5ba home for myself, my wife, and our two kids, plus Aristo the cat.


And so begins our journey, with a first step (into the mud just to the left off screen...RIP wingtips!)



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Not just dirt anymore!

Yea! It's more than just dirt!!! foundation poured.jpg

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Re: Not just dirt anymore!

Congrats on the new build.

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